Electronic prescribing and dispending of medicines, medical devices or dietetic food contributes to effective and meaningfull treatment of a patient, and to promote its safety. It enables interaction check yet at prescribing, and at the same time avoids duplicities.

Basic information

ePrescription is an equivalent for paper prescription whereas the traditional stamp and signature is substituted by the electronic passport of the health professional.

Prescribing ePrescription

The physician executes the prescription same way as until now, moreover the system background performs a check providing information on potential drug interactions, or duplicities.

Dispending ePrescription

No need to have the paper prescription/voucher at hand. The patient submits his identity card in the pharmacy or medical retail (alternativelly insurance passport or eID with a chip). After patient identification the system displays all prescribed non dispensed medicines/medical devices/dietetic food to the pharmacist or retailer.

Repeated ePrescription

This novelty saves time for physicians and chronically ill patients, it helps to reduce number of patients in waiting rooms. The physician after assessing health conditions of the patient may decide for a repeated ePrescription for as long as 12 months. Repeated ePrescription is issued only electronically.