Connecting the System

Connecting the System

Health records of patients are stored in the National Health Information System (eHealth System), therefore a secured approval of the patient, as well as of the health professional who creates or accesses the health records is important.

Basic information

An electronic passport serves for an outright identification of a user accessing the System. For identification and access to eHealth System a personal identity card with an electronic chip (eID) is used by a citizen, and an electronic passport (ePZP) by a health professional.

Personal identity card with an electronic chip (eID)

Patient uses his personal identity card with an electronic chip (eID) for his identification at his general practicioner, his specialist, or in the pharmacy. He has access to his electronic healthbook by means of his eID as well.

Electronic passport of a health professional

Health professional uses the electronic passport to access eHealth System (either to write electronic records or read health documents of a patient), and to sign electronically health records being sent to eHealth System. In electronic healthcare it serves as a substitution of his recent stamp.